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1: Western pleasure/all around gelding (Posted: 11/27/2015)

Posted by: Cat L
Dale City   VA
ISO: all around/western pleasure gelding. 15-16.2H, 3-12 YO, any color, no vices. Preference is AQHA, APHA, ApHC, or appendix. No gaited, please. H... more
Price $4,500.00

2: Race Horses Wanted (Posted: 11/23/2015)

Posted by: martha green
union bridge   MD
Small Maryland Trainer is looking for a few race horses. Horses have to be sound and have started a least one time. A long lay off is OK as long as the horse was not off for soundness issues. PS: Just to be clear, I am looking for horses that I can take back to the race ... more

3: ISO: Large Pony Hunter (Posted: 11/23/2015)

Seaford   VA
ISO: Large Pony hunter, geldings preferred, under 12 years old. Good for a strong young rider that is moving up from a medium pony. No paints or cribbers (new barn) Under $4000 or trade for a fancy 9 year old Medium Welsh Pony Mare, many miles, no prep, simple and CUTE! ... more
Price $4,000.00

4: Wanted calm natured horse (Posted: 11/22/2015)

Posted by: Katie Bailey
Washington   VA
Im 15 years old and looking for another companion because my thoroughbred is now leaving the farm after training for two years, after having my hotblooded thoroughbred i decided to go for a calmer horse so i can ride with more fun and relaxation. I ride alone and would ... more

5: Experienced adult rider looking to ride/lease in exchange for barnwork (Posted: 11/18/2015)

Posted by: Joanna Jourdan
Fredericksburg   VA
Email: joljourdan
I am 23 years old, out of college & looking for an equine friend to ride in exchange for evening barnwork. Looking for an easy-going older horse that needs some attention & exercise, likes trails, just wants to have fun. Not looking for a "fun pony," or a younger horse ... more

6: Free Lease wanted (Posted: 11/15/2015)

Posted by: Maria Ballard
Leesburg   VA
I currently have a 26 year old Throughbred mare who I have owned since she was a yearling. Currently, I am still riding her 4 days a week. I am looking for a free lease for a horse to mainly trail ride with and somering work. I would want to move the horse to where ... more

7: Looking to Partially Lease dressage horse near Fairfax, VA (Posted: 11/14/2015)

Posted by: Michelle Ventres
Fairfax   VA
Hi. My name is Michelle and I've been training in Dressage for 3 years now. I take lessons at Fox Meadow Riding School in Haymarket, VA once a week and have found that my improvement in riding seems to be at a stand still right now and that I need more time in the saddle. ... more
Price $100.00

8: Mares in Foal (Posted: 11/8/2015)

Posted by: Bryant Dunetz
Middleburg   VA
Looking to replace a TB mare that aborted a warmblood colt with one and possibly 2 mares in foal to a warmblood for March or April delivery. Price neg... more

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9: Free lease situation? (Posted: 11/8/2015)

Posted by: Louise Bell
Leesburg   VA
I understand that this is a bit of an unusual request... I'm a university student residing in Leesburg (student = not a whole lot of extra money lying around...) who is looking for a horse to ride on a regular basis. While I haven't regularly ridden in quite a few years, ... more

10: Looking for a "been there done that" horse (Posted: 11/7/2015)

Posted by: Linda Kalman
Lovettsville   VA
I am looking for a seasoned horse for pleasure/trail riding, and to serve as a companion for my two geldings when one is off-farm. I have extensive riding experience in the past, however I have not ridden seriously for about 10 years. I would like to start riding again, ... more

11: Looking for a Horse to Exercise or a Free Lease (Posted: 10/30/2015)

Posted by: Leigh Beamer
Fredericksburg   VA
I am a college student in Fredericksburg, VA. I have been riding since I was four and have experience with a variety of horses; including restarting my OTTB when he came off the track. I can't afford to bring him up and board while I'm at school so I am searching for a ... more

12: search of 2 smart little lena mares (Posted: 10/28/2015)

Posted by: Jennifer vanname
Staunton   VA
We sold our 2 mares to a gentleman in may. He did not keep them long and resold them to a man that wanted to breed them to get mule babies out of them. If anyone out there knows who he might have sold them to please contact me. We would like to visit them. He would not ... more

13: Looking For Ride Time (Posted: 10/20/2015)

Posted by: Coree Reuter
Lovettsville   VA
Horseless event rider looking for something to ride. Recently lost my horse -- would like to find something to ride in my area a few days a week to stay in riding shape until I'm ready to buy my next horse. Evented through novice and dressage through first level. I am only ... more

14: Looking for a free re-enacting/foxhunting horse (Posted: 10/6/2015)

Posted by: Lauren Petruskie
Oak Grove   VA
Looking for a free(or relatively free) re-enacting/ foxhunting horse for my dad. Must be calm enough to shoot off of and must do well in groups. Will be in a field of all Geldings, so a gelding is preferred. 16+ hands or a stocky 15.3 hands. Must be less than 15 years ... more

15: Searching for Dressage partner! (Posted: 10/6/2015)

Posted by: Victoria Gran
King William   VA
I am currently searching for a dressage horse or a project horse with dressage potential. Any breed is welcome! Horse must be sound and preferably ove... more

16: Looking for kid friendly pony (Posted: 9/29/2015)

Posted by: kim graewert
eldersburg   MD
Do you have a flashy pony that needs to find the perfect home? I am looking for a kid friendly pony that is quiet and safe. Must walk, trot, canter, jump, cross tie, trailer, clip, bathe,stand for farrier and no vices. Welsh pony or quarter pony preferred. I would like ... more
Price $3,500.00

17: WANTED: Black and White Spotted Draft Mare with Blue Eyes (Posted: 9/28/2015)

Posted by: Mariam Mortenson
Catlett   VA
Looking for 16+h black and White spotted draft mare, prefer the feathered type and hoping to find one with blue eyes. Age 3 and up and healthy with a good temperament. Training is not a concern. I am not interested in gaited horses. Contact me if you have something ... more
Price $1,500.00

18: Searching for safe, sane dressage horsse (Posted: 9/12/2015)

Posted by: Joe Bastian
winchester   VA
We are seeking a small (14-2 to 15-3) horse with dressage training through 1st level for an older woman. Must have temperament of 5 or below (1-10 scale; 10 being explosive). Gelding preferred but low-key mare considered. Prefer age between 6 and 13. Must be currently ... more

19: ISO Children's Hunter (Posted: 8/30/2015)

Posted by: Peyton Carrington
Wake Forest   NC
ISO children's hunter for "A" circuit. 16 h or bigger, with real horse show miles at 3'0". Must be kind and quiet. Nothing that spooks, stops, or runs away! Must pass cursory vet exam. Looking to show at smaller A shows in the southeast and qualify for 3'0" medals and children's ... more
Price $30,000.00

20: 14.1 up to 15.2, QUIET, sane, well broke, prefer QH. English, Trails, Under 15 (Posted: 8/24/2015)

Posted by: Francis Murphy
Hadensville   VA
Looking for that elusive quiet, sane, sound mare or gelding. Must be well trained in the ring, (w-t-c know leads) but not sour. Must have trail riding experience. Alone or with a group. (though will seldom go out alone on trails). No buddy sour, or co-dependant horses please! ... more
Price $5,000.00

21: Looking horse to lease (Posted: 8/19/2015)

Posted by: M L
Mar   VA
I am a college student looking for a horse to ride. I am willing to do barn chores in exchange for ride time. I am an intermediate rider and have experience riding show hunters, foxhunters, trail horses, and racehorses. I have experience working in barns doing cleaning, ... more

22: Looking for a 13-14hh Pony to Lease at Our Barn in Clifton, VA (Posted: 8/17/2015)

Posted by: Jill Hill
Clifton   VA
I have a small farm in Clifton, Virginia, and two daughters (ages 7 and 9) sharing our small pony. We also have my large sport horse in our barn, and a goat. I'd like to lease (or maybe buy) a pony for us to use in trail rides together, and so that my daughters can take ... more
Price $1.00

23: Looking for horse to exercise! (Posted: 8/8/2015)

Posted by: Claire Gregory
Henrico   VA
I am currently looking for someone who lacks the time to ride their horse or just needs some extra help with exercising them during the week or weekend! I am 17, 5'8" (so no ponies), ride english (hunter/jumper), and have been riding since I was 10. Please feel free to ... more

24: LARGE PONY WANTED FOR LEASE (Posted: 8/3/2015)

Posted by: Alese Keefe
Chantilly   VA
I am looking for a large 14h-14.2h pony for lease. I would like the pony to have show experience, flying lead changes, and be able to jump up to 2'6. ... more

25: ISO Children's Hunter (Posted: 7/30/2015)

Posted by: Peyton Carrington
Wake Forest   NC
ISO children's hunter lease or lease with purchase option for "A" circuit in southeast. 16 h or bigger, with real horse show miles at 3'0". Must be kind and quiet. Nothing that spooks, stops, or runs away! Must pass cursory vet exam. Budget 12k/year if kept at trainer's ... more
Price $15,000.00

26: ISO Med/Large Pony Packer Gelding (short Stirrup) (Posted: 7/27/2015)

Seaford   VA
Looking for a med/large pony for a very petite, young student, must be safe, simple, sound, & fancy! Currently showing on the flat, schooling for short stirrup. Slightly green OK with the right attitude. Preferably under 12 years old. Ideally 13- 14.2h Fabulous family, ... more

27: Looking for a Confident + Athletic horse! (Posted: 7/24/2015)

Posted by: Katie Bailey
Washington   VA
Looking for a Confident + Athletic horse! Im currently 15 years old and have been riding for 5 years, getting rid of my thoroughbred due to money issues. Im looking for a horse that is no smaller than 15hands. Need a horse that can jump, fox hunt, cross country, and trail ... more

28: PROJECT PONY WANTED (Posted: 7/19/2015)

Posted by: Alese Keefe
Chantilly   VA
I am looking for a pony that needs work but knows how w/t/c and a light introduction to jumping. A small or meduim pony will fill this position. I am ... more

29: Beginner safe 14.3-15.1 11 year old or under gelding for Pony Club/eventing. (Posted: 7/16/2015)

Posted by: Julie Hagen
Leesburg   VA
ISO the perfect small horse for a beginner child that is in a regular lesson program. (Mom wants to ride it too, or we'd be looking at ponies.) Must be sound, safe on the ground, have a snaffle mouth and suitable for a petite 8yr old as a first horse. Will consider stock ... more
Price $10,000.00

30: looking for lease on or off site (Posted: 7/14/2015)

Posted by: Angela Quader
Midlothian   VA
I am an intermediate adult rider looking for a half-lease or full lease of horse. I am willing to drive 20-30 minutes from my home (near Old Gun Road and Robious intersections) or would board at stable 2 miles from my home (very reputable owner/trainer). Ideally the horse ... more

31: Looking for Eventing Horse to Lease (Posted: 7/3/2015)

Posted by: Jen T
Reston   VA
Hi, I am looking to lease an experienced horse that is capable of at least novice level eventing. I am new to the area, competed up to prelim several years ago, and now that I am done with engineering school, am in the process of working at getting my skill back. I am open ... more

32: pony wanted to lease (my farm) must be great on trails! (Posted: 6/29/2015)

Posted by: VA- Virginia
Centreville   Email:
Hello-- I would like to lease a 13.2-14.2h pony for trails around my farm and adjacent parkland. MUST be great on trails. I have 31 acres, and tons of references, nice sand ring and hands on care. Mares, or geldings who don't "care", are preferred. No hard keepers or "hot" ... more

33: Wanted Foxhunter for tall man (Posted: 6/3/2015)

Posted by: Beth Opitz
Flint Hill   VA
Looking for foxhunter or foxhunting prospect for tall man. 4 figure budget. Horse must be 17 hands or taller, 10 years old or younger. Prefer TB's (big body-boned), or TBX, or warmbloods. No heavy drafts. Horse must have good breathing, must be fearless and have "go anywhere" ... more

34: Seeking safe, sane, lower level dressage horse for off site lease (Posted: 5/6/2015)

Posted by: Gretchen Arbeeny
Norfolk   VA
I'm a lower level adult amateur dressage rider wishing to get more time in the tack than my current horse affords me. I'm schooling training/first level and work consistently with a very good trainer. I'm looking for a horse with some dressage experience that has a good ... more

35: Looking for Grey hunter pleasure/hunter jumper (Posted: 5/3/2015)

Posted by: Tina Henderson
courtland   VA
Looking for a grey hunter pleasure/hunter jumper type gelding or mare that would be well suited for an adult advanced beginner in English that is in lesson 1x a week. Looking for age less than 15 and height 15-17 hands. Breed does not matter. Looking for hunter partner ... more

Showing records 1 - 35 of 35
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